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Cotlook Indices

Cotlook 'A' Index 83.00 (Unch) 13:31 GMT 21st Jun, 2017
Cotlook Forward 'A' Index 79.10 (Unch)
Cotlook 'A' Index Plus

Cotlook Subscriptions

The world cotton market is as volatile as only a commodity market can be. Timely knowledge of these changes has been vital to those engaged in buying or selling raw cotton. Our services provide a range of ways to access this information. Browse through the services below to see which subscription might be right for you.

Note: from March 2015 Cotlook services are provided as secured PDFs to all new subscribers, while existing subscribers will make the transition by renewal of their subscription at the latest.  Access to our services requires the download and installation of a proprietary PDF reader. Further information is available in our FAQ section and on request.

Cotlook In One

The Cotlook In One gives you access to all our main services, offering you the best value for your money. The services include:

Cotlook Daily Service
Cotlook CottonQuotes
Cotton Outlook Magazine

  • Cotlook Cottonquotes


    A daily price service including Cotlook A Index and its constituent values and a range of other CFR Far Eastern quotations

    view Cotlook Cottonquotes
  • Cotlook Price Series


    A database package including the Cotlook A Index and its constituent growths, other non-Index CFR Far Eastern quotations and more.

    view Cotton Price Series