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Cotlook Indices

Cotlook 'A' Index 137.50 (+2.95) 14:30 GMT 20th Jan, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Secured PDFs

Where can I get the Javelin PDF reader from?

All Cotlook services are now provided as secured pdf’s accessed using proprietary software called Javelin, published by Drumlin Security.

PC/Mac OSX users

Use your Internet browser to download the special “Javelin” PDF reader for your Windows PC or Mac computer from


Select the version you require from the links provided and then choose the “Save File” or “Save” option if prompted – follow the instructions on the web page to install the appropriate reader.

For Windows users, simply run the downloaded javelinsetup.exe file by double-clicking it – ignore the typical Windows warning messages about exe files! The reader will be installed and links to Javelin provided on your Desktop and Start menus.

For Mac computers simply download the .dmg file and double click it to enable the file – the Javelin menu will be shown at the top of your screen when the program is active.

Warning: Smartscreen.exe is running error

If you are receiving a warning dialogue as below:


You will need to download the latest version of Javelin for your operating system from https://www.drumlinsecurity.com/javelindownloads.html.


How do I access my services?

Windows users: Right mouse click on the green, download file button for the service you require and ‘Save’ the file to a convenient folder on your computer (preferably do not use the “Open with…” option if this is provided as this may just provide a temporary file that will probably disappear next time you try and access it!). If you are using Firefox or Chrome, and the file downloads automatically, it is best to click on the down arrow next to the file name and select “show in folder” and then move the file to a convenient, permanent folder such as \My Documents.

Mac users: The procedure described for Windows users may work for your Mac, but the following is more reliable: Start Safari and go to the Windows menu, Downloads option. This opens the Downloads window. Then select the download link from above (hold the left mouse button down rather than clicking the link) and drag the link to the Safari Downloads window. When you do this a green + icon will appear as the link is dragged onto the Downloads window. You can then let go of the mouse button and the file will be downloaded and appear in your Downloads folder.

If you still have problems with downloading the file, start Javelin, select the file menu, Download file… option and DRAG the link shown above to the input field. The file will download and ask if you would like to open it.

All users: The next step is to locate and ‘Run’ Javelin (e.g. from the icon on your Desktop). Using Javelin’s ‘File’ menu, select ‘Open’, navigate to the secured pdf you have just saved to your computer, highlight it and then click ‘Open’.

A dialog box pops up and you will be prompted for the secured pdf’s ‘Authorization code’ this was the code previously provided to you by our subscriptions department. Copy the code for the service in question and Paste it into the field provided and press OK (you must have an internet connection available at this point). You only need do this the first time you open the service.

To open your subscription service subsequently simply use the File menu in Javelin where the recently used files list will show the last few files that have been opened. Click on the one you want to open it again.

How can I print a copy of Cottonquotes for my records?

The print function on the Cottonquotes service is disabled for a period of 48 hours, but copies may be printed retrospectively for record keeping purposes. In order to print a file copy of Cottonquotes, simply return to our website, go to the Cottonquotes archive (or click the following link https://www.cotlook.com/prices/cottonquotes-cifquotes/) and download the Cottonquotes file which you wish to print for your records.  Those that are available as printable files will be labelled as such.  This cannot be done earlier, as we only replace the file with a printable version on the website 48 hours after original publication.  After three months, secure files are replaced on the website with standard PDFs for archive purposes.

Can I use my code on more than one device?

Javelin allows a single individual access from one computer at a time and therefore can be used from your PC or smart device. All Cotlook services are delivered from our website as secured pdfs, requiring the Javelin software.

A licence allows a single, registered user to read the services on up to three devices, but they will not be able to copy or forward the services.  Typically, the devices can include a PC and mobile device such as an Android, Apple or Windows phone, iPad or tablet.

For more information, please contact subscriptions@cotlook.com.

I have forgotten my code

Send us an email at subscriptions@cotlook.com and we can provide you with a code reminder.

My internet connection is through a large corporate network, what should I do?

If you wish to use Javelin on a PC or Mac connected to a large corporate network, you may get an error message with ‘proxy authentication’ in the description indicating an issue with your company’s IT servers blocking Javelin’s servers from communicating with them.

The recommendation is to ask your IT department to add the following links to your corporate proxy server / firewall list so that they can access Javelin’s DRM web service (NOTE: the links below are not identical – one is https and the other http):



If you have any other queries, please contact support@cotlook.com .

Can I use Javelin on my Android mobile device?

Javelin Reader for your Android mobile device can be obtained from the AppStore.  The old “Javelin for Android” PDF reader has been removed  and there is a new Javelin3 for Android app available in its place.

The new version supports almost all Android devices and versions, including the latest v8 and v9 Android releases.  All new Android users should be advised to select this version for reading our offline format secured PDF files (drmz files).

The “Getting Started” user guide included in the app can be downloaded here:


The direct link for the app on the Google Play Appstore is:


Javelin – Useful Tips

Ensure you have the correct number of licences for your staff members – A user-licence allows the registered account holder mobile access on up to three devices, for instance, office PC, laptop and mobile device, it DOES NOT allow the sharing of a single licence between colleagues which is forbidden under our licencing policy – If there is a requirement for multiple users, a multi-user/corporate licence can be purchased quite cheaply. Please contact our subscriptions department at subscriptions@cotlook.com for a price quotation.

Please ensure you have the latest version of Javelin PDF Reader installed on each device, which is downloadable from our home page at www.cotlook.com or click here to download http://www.drumlinsecurity.com/javelindownloads.htmlyou should only download Javelin3 PDF Reader and NOT the Javelin3Pro version.

Please ensure you are using the correct authorisation codes, which Cotlook provide to you. If you do not have or you have mislaid your authorisation codes, please contact support@cotlook.com

On trying to enter your authorisation code, you receive the error message ‘code already used’ you have reached your maximum allowance for your devices. Please contact support@cotlook.com for assistance, stating any on-screen error messages.

The recommended method for opening/downloading the protected files is to use the right mouse button on the green service button link to save the file to your local hard drive before opening in Javelin.

PC updates can sometimes wipe the authorisation codes from your PC’s memory. If this happens and you are not able to re-enter your codes contact support@cotlook.com

Firewall/Proxy server issues.  You are being prevented from accessing the Cotlook server because your network access (firewall or proxy server) is blocking it.  Please contact your IT Department for assistance.

I cannot access my services, what do I do?

Access Restricted

Access to this content is restricted. If you are a subscriber, please login above. If you would like to subscribe to the relevant service, please contact us.

I cannot copy and paste in other applications when Javelin is open

You are running an older version of the Javelin software.  Please update to the latest version which can be found on the Drumlin website (https://drumlinsecurity.com/javelindownloads.html).


Javelin and Windows 10

Javelin for Windows works just fine under Windows 10, but users who upgrade their operating system from Windows 8 or earlier to Windows 10 will find they need to re-authorize their secure document(s) because the Microsoft OS upgrade will change the Windows ID of the PC.

Note that at present Parallels Inc recommend that users of their virtualization software providing Windows on Mac computers should not upgrade to Windows 10 at present.

Can I use Javelin on my iPhone/iPad?

Yes, you can.  Select the AppStore facility on your iOS device and search for Javelin Reader.

Available for Apple OSX 10.6 and later versions.

The latest version of Javelin on Apple’s iOS operating system now supports both iPads and iPhones. When used on iPhones, Javelin’s screen display is slightly simplified in order to maximize available screen-space, as shown below, but otherwise it is functionally identical to the well-established iPAD version.

Apple iOS:

iOS12 release: Apple’s iOS 12 operating system for iPADs and iPhones was initially released in October and soon after Apple released an update to iOS from iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.1 – in most cases these updates will not affect end users even if they updated to the latest iOS version, but a mis-feature appears to have been introduced into the Apple PDF library that affects Apple’s apps (e.g. Safari, iBooks) and may also affect some Javelin for iOS users. This problem shows up as some some PDFs where embedded images are not being displayed, for example some colour images appear to be missing. If you are affected by this issue, please contact support@cotlook.com.

A useful new feature of the iOS 12 release is that it now recognizes Ethernet connections – so, for example, if you wish to connect your iOS device to the internet via Ethernet rather than WiFi you can do so with a simple Apple USB cable with a USB-to-Ethernet connection. Whilst this worked with iOS 11 the operating system did not explicitly support Ethernet, whereas it now appears as an entry in the Settings facility on iOS devices.

How to use this website

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Simply ‘right click’ on an item of your choice and select print

How to change my password

At the log-on page (if you are logged-in, please log-out), click ‘Forgotten Password’ and follow the on-screen instructions. You will receive an email allowing you to change your password.

Cotlook Indices

How are the Cotlook Indices used?

The Cotlook A Index has long been regarded as the recognized barometer of world prices. It is used by the United Nations Committee on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) as a component of its agricultural price measure.

It has been used since the nineteen seventies as the preferred price measure by the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), the “United Nations of cotton”, as the device by which that body follows price developments. The ICAC has developed a price-forecasting model which attempts to predict the season’s average level of the Cotlook A Index as a guide to its member countries.

Since 1985, the Cotlook A Index has been the principal ingredient of the US Commodity Credit Corporation’s Upland ‘marketing loan’ (whereby US farmers borrow money from the government with their cotton as collateral, and repay the loan at a lower rate, if a value based on the Cotlook A Index is below the loan value). Since 1990, the US ‘competitive adjustment procedures’ have used the Cotlook Indices in order to determine additional payments to US domestic mills and exporters. From June 2008 these values referred to C/F Far Eastern values. The second of these procedures, known as ‘Step 2’, was withdrawn in July 2006.

Following the break-up of the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan’s Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations and equivalent bodies in some other Central Asian republics have determined their export selling prices by reference either to the Cotlook A Index or an average of the A Index and its Uzbek component. The A Index has also been used to establish prices payable to farmers in some of those countries.

The foregoing are a few examples of how the A Index is used. Reference to the A Index in establishing prices can be found in many other countries, stretching from Latin America to China. In China, several studies conducted by Beijing University on behalf of the government have employed the A Index in one way or another.

Why an Index?

The international cotton market is dependent on the New York futures market, which is, without a doubt, the principal tool for hedging price risk and price discovery. However, only US cotton is tenderable against the New York contract and, at times, history has demonstrated that divergences can arise between New York, which is subject to speculative influences, and actual cotton values. This is where the Cotlook A Index has played a vital role in portraying price trends over the years. The A Index and New York tend, over the long term, to move in a similar direction but there have been significant deviations, with New York sometimes trading above or below the Index. The Cotlook A Index is a price barometer and is proved to have become a useful indicator of where values are on the day. For part of any year (starting in about March through to July 31), two values are produced, one to reflect nearby shipment offers, the other to indicate Northern Hemisphere new crop values.

When were the Cotlook Indices first introduced?

Cotlook Limited and its predecessors have been monitoring world cotton prices for some ninety years. In 1966, the Cotlook A Index was introduced. It has gone through many changes over the years, to reflect changing patterns of trade and cotton qualities. It began as a SM 1-1/16″ value but is today a Middling 1-1/8″ price.

What are the Cotlook Indices?

The A Index began as a CIF Liverpool value in the days when the UK still retained a sizeable spinning industry. It later became a CIF N. Europe value, as the industry in the UK fell into decline. Most recently (with effect from August 1, 2004) the A Index changed emphasis by representing offering prices based on CFR Far Eastern main ports terms. An Index based on CFR Far Eastern values has been compiled and published since March 2003.

Today, the Cotlook A Index is compiled from the cheapest five offering prices to mills of a basket of growths (currently 19), on the assumption that these are likely to be the cottons most frequently traded on the day in question. The mechanism of averaging the cheapest quotations has been proved to be a reliable method of calculating the Index  for more than fifty years.

Cotlook Services

How do I subscribe to any of Cotlook’s services?

Please contact our subscriptions department at subscriptions@cotlook.com.

How do I advertise in Cotlook’s publications?

Advertising enquiries are welcome. Please contact our advertising department at advertising@cotlook.com.

Can I access New York futures?

Access is available to ICE US Futures 10 minute delayed feed via our website. The source of the data is ICE Futures US and no data may be copied or disseminated without the express written permission of the ICE Exchange. Any misuse by users will be reported directly to ICE Futures US.

What is the Cotlook Special Edition?

Cotlook’s Special Edition is published to coincide with the Annual Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee and focuses on issues affecting the raw cotton and textile trade in the country or region where the meeting is held. The inaugural issue was in 1992 when the ICAC met in Liverpool. The Special Edition is circulated free of charge to Cotlook Subscribers and to those who attend the ICAC meeting.

What are the Cotlook Special Features?

Periodically, throughout the year, Cotlook publishes Special Features, which focus on an individual market or topic of interest. An example is the Long Staple Special Feature, which is published annually around the middle of the year. Cotlook Special Features, published since 1997, are available free of charge to Cotlook subscribers but can also be purchased individually. For details please visit the Shop on our website or contact our subscriptions department at subscriptions@cotlook.com.

Are Cotlook’s services available on public holidays?

Service availability will depend upon whether is is a public holiday.

Public holiday dates for UK, US and China:



Does Cotlook monitor cotton yarn prices as well?

Apart from weekly reports in Cotton Outlook, some of which contain yarn price information, we also publish the Cotlook Yarn Index. The Index is designed to monitor movement in yarn prices and is derived by calculating an average from a set of FOB prices for ring spun carded 20’s and 30’s from five origins (weighted to reflect exports of all yarns from each individual country) and is expressed as a percentage of the comparable value for 2005.

Is Cotlook engaged in cotton trading?

Emphatically not! Cotlook’s role is to monitor and report the A Index impartially and accurately. The Cotlook A Index is compiled solely by the staff of Cotlook, who are barred from engaging in any trading activity in cotton. Their integrity has been proven over the five or so decades in which the A Index has been compiled.

What is Cotlook?

Cotlook Limited is a private company that publishes specialised information services related to the cotton industry.  It is wholly owned by The Outlook Group Limited.

Cotlook is the leading commercial provider of international cotton market information and analysis and is the source of the Cotlook A Index. The company’s origins stretch back over ninety years and its staff have developed an unrivalled reputation for their expertise, impartiality and integrity. Cotlook offers services mainly in English, but also provides on-line publications in other languages.