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Cotlook Indices

Cotlook 'A' Index 69.80 (Unch) 14:28 GMT 27th Nov, 2015
Cotlook 'A' Index Plus

What is Cotton Outlook?

    • A range of focused cotton information services from a wealth of experience
    • The source of the A Index
    • Cotton Outlook was formed in 1972 but its roots go back to 1923
    • Today reporting from Liverpool, Memphis and Beijing, and from around the world


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How does it work?

  • Cotlook gathers, analyses and reports global cotton information
  • Cotlook-in-One is our flagship service. Its components can be bought separately
  • Multi-user licences are available at marginal extra cost
  • Available on your PC, Laptop or mobile device
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Why subscribe?

  • Let us be your market monitor
  • Deploy your staff more resourcefully
  • Save time, save money!
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Cotlook 'A' Index

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