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Cotlook Indices

A Index Explained . Date of index value: 14:29 GMT 5th Dec, 2023

Index Name Value Change
A Index 89.00 (-0.80)

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How Does It Work?

Cotton Outlook gathers and analyses information from around the world, from supply and demand to prices, and the factors affecting prices. The results of our work are available to subscribers through a range of daily services.

Memphis reports on developments in the United States, both on our website and by means of a daily summary. Chinese news is reported in the same way, and in our end-of-day (China) Beijing Report. Liverpool reports on developments in the rest of the world and publishes its market summary and the Cotlook A Index at around 14.30 UK time each day.

Cotlook-in-One gives access to all our services but this can be broken down into daily news, our weekly publication or daily prices, or any combination thereof, at the subscriber’s request.

All our services are available via single or multi-user licences. The add-on costs for multi-user licences are relatively low – up to 10 users can access our services for less than the cost of an additional single-user licence.

As well as the Cotlook A Index, our subscribers can also see a delayed feed from ICE.

To save time for our subscribers, outside of Cotlook-in-One, we also offer the Cotlook Price Series, which includes the complete history of the Cotlook A Index, its constituent growths, other non-Index C/F Far East prices published by Cotlook and Cotlook basis data.