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Cotlook Indices

A Index Explained . Date of index value: 13:28 GMT 23rd Apr, 2024

Index Name Value Change
A Index 88.55 (+1.50)
Forward A Index 87.45 (+1.00)

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What is Cotton Outlook?

Produced by Cotlook Limited, which can trace its roots back to 1923, when it began life monitoring the movement of cotton, and prices, into the Lancashire cotton industry, Cotton Outlook is a weekly round-up magazine in digital format providing a range of cotton information and data analytics from around the world.

The name ‘Cotton Outlook’ was adopted in 1972 (having previously been known as the Cotton and General Economic Review).

Its editorial focus has shifted with the movement of the cotton industry, and today Cotton Outlook reports extensively on developments in China, the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia, as well as the USA, Brazil and other cotton producing and consuming regions, in terms of government cotton policies, export and import trade, production and consumption, and prices.

Cotton Outlook began compiling the Cotlook A Index in 1966, then a CIF Liverpool price, subsequently a CIF North European value but today a reflection of CFR main Far Eastern port values.

Our head office remains on Merseyside, in the United Kingdom, but we also have an office in Memphis, Tennessee, employees, agents and correspondents around the world.

Cotlook’s staff have many years of experience in monitoring, analysing and reporting cotton industry developments. None of them contractually have any trading involvement in cotton, and our services can therefore be relied upon to be impartial.

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