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Events Calendar


BCI 2017 Global Cotton Conference

Start Date May 16, 2017
End Date May 18, 2017
Event URL http://bettercotton.org/get-involved/events/bci-2017-global-cotton-conference-and-member-meeting-berlin/
Email membership@bettercotton.org
Address Berlin, Germany
Event Description

Connecting leaders to drive business change

American Cotton Shippers Association – Convention

Start Date May 24, 2017
End Date May 26, 2017
Event URL http://www.acsa-cotton.org
Address St Louis, MO
Event Description

93rd Annual Convention

Gdynia Cotton Association – General Assembly

Start Date May 26, 2017
Telephone +48 58 620 7598
Fax +48 58 620 7597
Email ib@gca.org.pl
Address Gdynia, Poland
Event Description

74th General Assembly

ACSA International Cotton Institute

Start Date June 5, 2017
End Date July 14, 2017
Event URL http://www.acsa-cotton.org
Address The University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee

2017 China International Cotton Conference

Start Date June 8, 2017
End Date June 9, 2017
Email event@cottonchina.org
Address Chongqing, Sichuan Province, China
Event Description

The conference is organised by the CCA and CNCE (China National Cotton Exchange) in association with Chongqing Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and Cotton Outlook, operated by the Beijing CCA Science and Trading Co Ltd and Beijing Cotton Outlook Consulting Co Ltd. The conference theme is Reshape the Future of the Cotton Industry through Interacting, Harmonising and Innovating.


Start Date July 14, 2017
End Date July 16, 2017
Event URL http://aneacotton.com.br
Telephone +55 11 3039 5599
Fax +55 11 3039 5598
Email debora@anec.com.br
Address MALAI MANSO RESORT, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Event Description

Annual Cotton Dinner and Golf Tournament

National Cotton Council

Start Date August 23, 2017
End Date August 25, 2017
Event URL http://www.cotton.org
Email dholderfield@cotton.org
Address Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee
Event Description

Mid-Year Board Meeting

ITMF Annual Conference 2017

Start Date September 14, 2017
End Date September 16, 2017
Event URL http://www.itmf.org/conferences/annual-conference-2017
Telephone +41 44 283 6380
Fax +41 44 283 6389
Email christian.schindler@itmf.org
Event Description

Annual Conference, Bali, Indonesia


Start Date October 3, 2017
Event URL http://www.afcot.org/afcot-identity/
Telephone 02 35 41 20 36
Fax 02 35 42 63 09
Address Deauville, France
Event Description

Annual Dinner

International Cotton Association Event 2017

Start Date October 12, 2017
End Date October 13, 2017
Event URL http://www.ica-ltd.org
Email events@ica-ltd.org
Address Singapore

International Cotton Advisory Committee

Start Date October 22, 2017
End Date October 27, 2017
Event URL http://www.icac.org
Telephone +1 202-463-6660
Fax +1 202-463-6950
Email secretariat@icac.org
Address Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Event Description

76th Plenary Meeting

13th International Cotton and Textile Fair

Start Date October 23, 2017
End Date October 24, 2017
Address Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Event Description

Uzbekistan, Tashkent

34th International Cotton Conference

Start Date March 21, 2018
End Date March 23, 2018
Event URL http://www.cotton-conference-bremen.de
Telephone +441516446400
Email drieling@faserinstitut.de
Address The medieval Town Hall of the Hanseatic Town of Bremen, Germany
Event Description

Bi-annual cotton conference, with the theme "Cotton Insights". Part of the BREMEN COTTON WEEK. The Institute is currently accepting proposals for papers.