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Cotlook Indices

Cotlook 'A' Index 137.50 (+2.95) 14:30 GMT 20th Jan, 2022

Cotlook Cottonquotes

Cottonquotes sample January 31, 2020


A daily report giving the Cotlook A Index and constituent prices, and a range of other representative CFR Far Eastern quotations, including long staple varieties.

The Cottonquotes service comprises three parts:

  • Cottonquotes – The full list of offering prices monitored daily by Cotton Outlook, including the Cotlook A Index and its constituent values.
  • World Indices and Price Indicators – a selection of Futures prices, world indices and commodity prices
  • US Price Mechanism – An explanation and calculation of the USDA’s Adjusted World Price and other competitive price adjustments

The Cottonquotes service will be delivered in Secured PDF format from March 2015, which requires the use of a proprietary PDF reader.  Full details will be made available on request.

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