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Azerbaijan: record crop expected this year


Cotton harvesting is nearing completion and, according to the latest official data, around 275,000 tonnes of seed cotton are now in stock, which is the highest volume since 2013, when the country began to rebuild the cotton sector. In fact, this year’s output probably represents the record since the break-up of the USSR in the early 1990s.

Last year, the final tally stood at around 235,000 tonnes of seed cotton or 85,000 tonnes of lint, from a planted area of 132,500 hectares. This season saw a new approach to cotton cultivation, from ‘extensive’ to ‘intensive’: low-yield land was removed from crop rotation and the area sown to cotton was reduced to around 100,000 hectares, while various initiatives and state subsidies were employed to encourage increased yields. These include improved services to farmers, increased machine picking and higher procurement prices for cotton. Techniques and technologies from Chinese, Greek and Turkish production systems have also been trialled and have shown good results.


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