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South Africa: cotton production estimate continues to grow


The latest forecast of output from the 2018/19 crop shows another increase and verifies the season’s upward trend in cotton production. Cotton South Africa’s sixth estimate for the season ahead, established at the end of June, places production at 251,302 200-kg bales (over 50,260 tonnes), which is up over 8,800 bales from the previous month and 24,428 bales more than the first estimate, released in late January.

Of the total output, the majority share (247,107 bales) is attributed to the prospective crop in the Republic (showing an increase of 30 percent compared to the previous season). The 4,195-bale balance is expected to come from Swaziland and Namibia. Dryland and irrigated areas in the Republic show gains of 33 and 22 percent, respectively, over the previous year.

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